Mulch is a necessity in any garden! Not only does it beautify your landscape, it provides crucial protection for your soil and plants.

Quick Facts About Mulch

  • Mulch is typically made from wood chips, though Soilutions also carries our unique Pecan Shell Mulch, which functions the same way, but provides a different aesthetic.
  • Mulch is the dressing for your garden, and the mulch you choose can really create the look for your entire yard. We have many different mulch aesthetics to choose from!
  • Mulch adds a beautiful layer to your soil that suppresses weeds, improves water retention and builds soil health.
  • Mulch also acts as a buffer against extreme temperature fluctuations, helping to insulate soil in the winter and protect from extreme heat in the summer.

SOILUTIONS RECOMMENDS: No planting area should be without a beautiful, protective layer of mulch! Not only does it provide the finishing look for your space, but it provides a pivotal role in overall health of your garden.

Pecan Shells

Pecan Shells are a terrific option for pathways and rosebeds!

Fine Shredded Mulch

Our Fine Shredded Mulch is our finest grade mulch offering. It will add beauty and nutrients to your garden!

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