What is Healthy Soil?

Healthy soil is different than dirt in that it contains a balance of mineral elements (sand, silt and clay), organic matter, and billions of microorganisms, ranging from bacteria and fungi to nematodes, protozoa, microarthropods, earthworms and so much more. In fact, recent studies have confirmed that more than half of all species on Earth live in the soil, making it the most species-rich habitat on our planet!

How Does Healthy Soil Impact My Plants?

  1. Soil contains a complex microscopic ecosystem. Within it, organisms work collectively to break down organic matter which creates plant-available nutrients and improves aeration, drainage and moisture retention within the soil.

  2. The plants you grow in healthy soil have an active and symbiotic relationship with many of the microorganisms, releasing exudates to feed them and also to inform the organisms of specific nutrients your plant asks them to source and provide to it in return.

Summary: Your plants may survive in suboptimal soil but healthy soil is needed from them to thrive and reach their full potential. Healthy soil structure supports a diverse microbiome and ecosystem in your garden, attracting beneficial insects to help your plants to defend themselves, reproduce and more. Complex soil structure in your garden provides your plants with the condition they need to flourish and thrive. 

  • SOILUTIONS RECOMMENDS: Our Enriched Topsoil or our Premium Garden Soil are both great choices that provide the proper balance of biology, structure, organic matter and minerals for your plants. Soilutions Compost is the foundation of all our soils. Our soil blends are crafted using local inputs as much as possible, which means the microbial life is acclimated to our unique high desert environment, leading to faster acclimation in your garden.

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