Local & Sustainable

Our mission is to create a healthier planet by providing top-quality compost, soils and mulches that enrich our land and communities, reduce waste and promote sustainable agriculture.

Since our founding more than 25 years ago in the South Valley of Albuquerque, Soilutions has been dedicated to creating a healthier planet by recycling organic waste into compost, soils and mulches that will help your plants flourish and thrive. 

Our Organics Recycling program routes organic waste such as food waste and yard waste to our Soil Yard, rather than sending it to the landfill. Food waste alone causes 58% of methane emissions from municipal solid waste landfills and we are committed to recycling as much as possible into compost, soils and mulches instead.

Soilutions has strategic Landfill Diversion partnerships throughout New Mexico with companies that are committed to separating and diverting recyclable organic waste into products that replenish New Mexico’s depleted soils while reducing methane emissions.

In partnership with local companies and New Mexico residents, we have diverted more than 60,000,000 lbs of waste from the landfill and recycled it into high quality compost, soils and mulches.

What Starts as Bueno Green Chile Peels

Becomes Soilutions Compost + Soils Used Across New Mexico!

Did You Know?

Soilutions products are created from local inputs that are composted and blended in the South Valley, meaning the nutrients in our products are designed specifically for your New Mexico garden. The essential microbial life in our compost and soil is native to arid climate and environment, which facilitates quicker acclimation in your garden and faster nutrient uptake for your plants. 

How we Make Compost

Our production processes are designed to ensure quality while maximizing sustainability through increased organics recycling and production capacity. 

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