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Soilutions is proud to partner with businesses to provide trade pricing on bulk products, wholesale pricing on bagged products and customized shipping solutions. To create a commercial account with Soilutions or get more information, please complete the form below or call 505-877-0220 to be connected with our Commercial Accounts team.

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    Landfill Diversion Program

    60,000,000 lbs of waste diverted from landfills and counting. We are proud to partner with sustainability minded businesses who choose to compost their organic waste.

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    How We Make Compost

    Our production processes are designed to ensure quality while maximizing sustainability through increased organics recycling and production capacity. 


    What is Healthy Soil?

    Healthy soil contains a balance of mineral elements, organic matter, and billions of microorganisms, and so much more.


Quality is Our Top Priority

Soilutions utilizes an aerated windrow pile system to create our compost. The process starts by combining ideal ratios of carbon and nitrogen inputs, which for Soilutions include green chile peels and stems from Bueno Foods, christmas trees from Just Sprinklers, and pulverized paper from Sandia National Labs, among many others. These inputs are combined using a formula for ratios and then spread into windrows, which are long narrow piles sized around 250'x30'. 

The windrows are turned at frequent intervals over a period of months to introduce oxygen while the microorganisms (beneficial bacteria and fungi) within the pile work magic to transform the inputs into compost. We take temperatures mulitple times per week and use microscopes to inspect biology.

Once the compost process is complete after several turns, the piles are then moved to a curing stage for another period, which provides for further proliferation of beneficial fungus and bacteria populations. Finally, it is screened to 1/2 inch and determined ready to for your garden!