Commitment to Quality

From our family to yours! We are dedicated to providing high quality products that will help your plants flourish and thrive, that are kind to our environment and safe for everyone to use! 

  • Safe & Natural for your Family:  You can feel confident encouraging your whole family to dig into the joy of gardening because we never add chemicals, dyes, peat moss or biosolids (human manure) to Soilutions products. You can spot Soilutions’ team member gardens, children, family members and pets throughout the images on our website. 
  • Trusted by Pros: Soilutions products are used and trusted by the ABQ BioPark Botanic Gardens, Los Poblanos Farm, ABQ Master Gardeners’ UFO Garden, the ABQ Rose Garden, dozens of other farms and thousands of home gardeners throughout New Mexico.
  • Local & Sustainable: Since our founding more than 25 years ago in the South Valley of Albuquerque, Soilutions has been dedicated to creating a healthier planet by recycling organic waste into compost, soils and mulches that will help your plants flourish and thrive. We have diverted more than 60,000,000 lbs from the landfill and counting!
  • Quality Testing: Soilutions products are tested by third party laboratories to ensure no persistent herbicides or other contaminants or present. We conduct ongoing bioassays (seed start tests) and maintain multiple test gardens throughout Albuquerque to ensure we have an ongoing standard of performance. 

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