Soilutions is a profit-for-purpose organization passionate about supporting our community. Our ongoing initiatives include the donation of compost and soil to nonprofit farms that help hungry members of our community, supporting the education of children about compost and gardening, and more.

  • Soilutions is proud to support many local nonprofit farms with the donation of soil, compost or mulch. 
  • Featured Community Partners:
        • Fraction Farms
        • Grandpa’s Farm
        • ABQ Master Gardener’s UFO Garden
        • Roadrunner Foodbank
  • In-Classroom Compost Education 
      • We are passionate about educating the next generation about the importance of soil health, composting, and the benefits of gardening and growing your own food!
      • If you’re interested in having our team present to your class, please email!
  • Nomination: Are you interested in support for a Community Project? Nominate them here and we will contact them to learn how we can help.

  • Requests sent to grandpa’s Farm and ABQ Master Gardener’s UFO Garden for pics and logos.

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    “The Urban Farm Oasis (UFO) consists of approximately 25 Master Gardeners who raise organic fruits and vegetables for the "Healthy Food Bank" - a division of Roadrunner Food Bank specifically for community members who need help in purchasing healthy foods and who also have a chronic health condition.  Our growing season is from March to November, and in that time period we generally donate over a ton of healthy produce. Last year, Soilutions really helped us out with a very generous donation of lovely soil and much-needed mulch.  We would not be nearly as successful without the help of community partners like Soilutions.” Nan Burke