Coverage Calculator

Our handy coverage calculators will help you to easily figure out how much compost, soil, or mulch you need for a successful project. 

  • Our products are sold in bulk quantities which are measured by the cubic yard (3’x3’x3’).
  • One cubic yard equates to roughly 27 of the standard size bags (1 cu. ft) you’d buy at the Big Box store or nursery.
  • One cubic yard will fill the back of an average sized pick up truck bed. 

For depth, Soilutions recommends: 

  • When preparing soil for new lawns or amending vegetable gardens: 4 inch depth. 
  • Topdressing established lawns and flower beds: 1 inch depth.
  • New mulch applications: 4 inch depth.
  • New raised beds and gardens: minimum depth of 16 inches. 

If you are in-between round numbers, we recommend you round up. Always better to have a bit too much for a project than to wind up short. Plus, every plant in your yard will love a helping of compost, soil or mulch. Don't forget those bushes over there...


2 cubic feet of soil