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Winter is a great time to prep your garden beds with a fresh layer of compost and mulch to be ready for spring! Use code HEADSTART for 10% off 2 yards or more.

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We divert food & green waste from the landfill and turn it into beautiful, rich compost.

We partner with your favorite businesses, grocers, restaurants, florists, hotels and more to take their green waste and use it as the fuel to create our organic composts. We've diverted 40,000,000+ lbs of food waste from the landfill and we ain't stoppin'.

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We take our time - a good compost is like a fine wine.

We cure our compost for at least one year prior to it being ready to serve as the foundation of our soil blends. Do your garden a favor and add compost straight-up as an amendment to your soil. You'll grow happier plants and supercharge their potential.

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We know the power of healthy, living soil.

It is the single most important factor in growing big, healthy plants. If you want your plants to thrive and reach their genetic potential, rely on our expertly crafted soil blends—rich in nutrients, water retention properties and billions of living microbes in each handful.

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We've got you covered with convenient, contact free delivery of compost, soil and mulch so you can get growing! Order online and we'll deliver it to your driveway. All online ordering prices have delivery fees included. 

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Head down to our Soil Yard in the South Valley and we'll load you up with the compost, soil and mulch you need to get growing! Order online and come down at your convenience to pick it up, or head on down and purchase when you get there. 


All Natural Fertilizers

Keep your plants fed all season long, now available in 50 lb. bags!
Cottonseed Meal
Cottonseed meal is a trusted natural fertilizer. Derived from plant material...
Fish Meal (9-4.5-0) is a natural source of readily available...
Kelp Meal (1-0-2) is every farmer and gardener's not-so-secret amendment...
Blood Meal
A natural source of nitrogen, blood meal is ideal for...

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