About Us

For 25 years we've been on a mission to help build and restore New Mexico's depleted soils using lessons from nature. 


Soil is the single most important factor in growing big, healthy plants. Your plants may survive in sub-optimal soil, but if you want your plants to thrive and reach their potential, rely on Soilutions expertly crafted premium composts and soil blends—rich in nutrients, water retention properties and billions of living microbes in each handful.

We divert green waste from your favorite businesses, grocers, restaurants, florists, hotels and more that would otherwise go into the landfill, and use it as the fuel to create our organic composts. We take our time – a good compost is like a fine wine. We cure our compost for at least one year prior to it being ready to serve as the foundation of our soil blends. 

We invite you to leaf through our selection of composts, soils, coir blends and mulches and look forward to helping you to grow big, healthy plants. We are thankful for the opportunity to grow with you!