Food Waste Partner Totals

Soilutions began with a mission to utilize and transform our local organic "waste" and convert it into usable, sustainable, regenerative material to protect our natural resources. Over our 25 years we have grown to incorporate food scraps and other organic waste from local residents and businesses of all types, diverting over 42,000,000 pounds of waste from our landfills and converting it into healthy organic matter to replenish our soils. According to the EPA, Municipal Solid Waste Landfills are responsible for 15% of the United States methane emissions, and methane is 28-36 times more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide.  Globally, food waste in landfills is responsible for 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions, more than the the entire airline industry.


Needless to say, our organic waste partners are true environmental champions. Each one of our partners has chosen to take the time, effort, and absorb the costs to protect our community and they should all be celebrated.


Organic waste collected from post-consumer materials is a main ingredient in our best selling Garden Compost.