Cannabis Cultivation

Still buying your soils and amendments from out of state companies? Go local and save money, without sacrificing quality: choose Soilutions!

Soilutions crafts and supplies custom media and soils to meet every growers needs. Indoor or outdoor, living soil or soilless media, or any combination you choose we can craft a soil that is adaptive to your crop in New Mexico's demanding high desert environment.  

Custom Soil Options

Coco Coir

Peat Moss

Premium Compost

Vermicompost (Worm Castings)

New Mexico Pumice

New Mexico Cinder

New Mexico Lava Sand

New Mexico Basalt Dust

Amendments: Organic Feather Meal, Organic Fish Meal, Fish-Bone Meal, Organic Alfalfa Meal, Organic Kelp Meal, Rock Phosphate, Organic High-Phosphate Sea Bird Guano, Neem Cake, Organic Insect Frass

We will work with our network of suppliers to source any products not listed. Soilutions is focused on sustainable, living soils that work well in whatever environment you grow in. We make every effort to verify the sustainability of our source suppliers, and can provide organic documentation and lab results where applicable. We can deliver anywhere in the state, in bulk, totes, or bags. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will work with you to develop a cost effective soil to keep your crops healthy and productive.

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