Cannabis Cultivation

Still buying your soils and amendments from out of state companies? Go local and save money, without sacrificing quality: choose Soilutions!

Soilutions crafts and supplies custom media and soils to meet every growers needs. Indoor or outdoor, living soil or soilless media, or any combination you choose we can craft a soil that is adaptive to your crop in New Mexico's demanding high desert environment.  

For an off the shelf soilution, check out our High Desert Grower's Blend, which utilizes our nutrient dense Premium compost, coco coir to assist with moisture retention, pumice to maintain oxygen flow and a healthy dose of kelp meal to stimulate biological activity and provide essential amino acids to keep your crop healthy and vivacious. Use High Desert Grower's Blend as-is, or level up with your choice of amendments. 

We can source and provide any amendments you need including coco coir, peat moss, vermicompost, kelp meal, insect frass, fish meal, alfalfa meal, bone meal, and more.

Contact us to discuss your needs and we will work with you to develop a cost effective soil to keep your crops healthy and productive.

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