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The Soilutions family is three branches working together to return organics – things that were once alive – to our depleted desert soils.  We offer a suite of services to help our community complete this cycle, including: Organics collection via Food Waste Management, Organics receiving, processing and sales at our Compost Facility, and Organics utilization consultation via Adaptive Terrain Systems.

Soilutions.  Complete the Cycle.

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Coco Coir is Now Available!

Soilutions is pleased to announce our coco coir and coir potting soils are now available. Read about coco coir and FAQ’s on our blog.  We will be offering three coir based mixes for all your growing needs, and of course we will be offering both fully expanded coir and blocks.  Give us a call to see what blend works for you!

Michelle Art_2

Soilutions now has an “artist-in-residence”!  Michelle Korte Leccia transforms coffee and tea grinds, dried fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, woodchips, scrap metal, and other intriguing materials that would otherwise be composted, recycled, or landfilled, into art.  Contact us if your group is interested in a hands on workshop at her “Schucker Shack”.  You will learn a simple technique of how to make a textural and adhesive pulp using junk-mail and paper packing.  Everyone goes home with a unique piece of assemblage art – all ages welcome.

KRQE Soilutions

Vinaigrette and Cien Aguas joined us on the KRQE morning show to help us illustrate what we mean when we say “Complete the Cycle”.

TCP_1The Tijeras Creek Remediation Project provides hands on learning opportunities for students interested in science, natural resources, biology, and environmental design.  This story highlights a working field trip with students from Del Norte High School and NexGen Academy from the New Mexico Mesa Program. The New Mexico Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement or NM Mesa, is a pre-college program that introduces students to careers in math, engineering, science or other related fields.  The students had a chance to plant trees at the project site and make STEM connections to learn about water in New Mexico.

What's New_1Owner, Jim Brooks, discusses composting with Landscaping TV.