New Mexico Compost Products Food Waste Management Adaptive Terrain Systems

The Soilutions family is three divisions working towards a common goal – to return the value of organic material to our depleted desert soils. Soilutions Inc. offers a suite of services to accomplish this, including Organics collection via Food Waste Management, Organics processing at our Soilutions Compost Facility, and Organics utilization via Adaptive Terrain Systems.

Soilutions.  Complete the Cycle.

What’s New


In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, Soilutions will close at 2:00 on Wednesday, November 22.  We will reopen for business on Friday at 8:00, and will have regular business hours through the holiday weekend.  We wish you a peaceful Thanksgiving, and hope you come visit us afterwards with your fallen leaves.




Michelle Art_2Soilutions now has an “artist-in-residence”!  Michelle Korte Leccia transforms coffee and tea grinds, dried fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, woodchips, scrap metal, and other intriguing materials that would otherwise be composted, recycled, or landfilled, into art.  Contact us if your group is interested in a hands on workshop at her “Schucker Shack”.  You will learn a simple technique of how to make a textural and adhesive pulp using junk-mail and paper packing.  Everyone goes home with a unique piece of assemblage art – all ages welcome.


Morning BrewSomebody let Jim and Paulina talk on TV about the difference between soil, dirt, compost and mulch.  Then they let them play with worms.  Thanks Morning Brew for a fun morning!  You can check out the video here.




What's New_1Owner, Jim Brooks, discusses composting with Landscaping TV.





SkidgerSoilutions is now selling the Skidger a well designed, durably built gardening tool.  Think of  it as a hoe, or a hula hoe on steroids!

  • Pointed steel blade for multi-purpose use, powder-coated
  • Blade is sharpened on front and back to maximize your efforts
  • Fiberglass handle provides strength and flexibility
  • Handle grip provides comfort