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The Soilutions family is three divisions working towards a common goal – to return the value of organic material to our depleted desert soils. Soilutions Inc. offers a suite of services to accomplish this, including Organics collection via Food Waste Management, Organics processing at our Soilutions Compost Facility, and Organics deployment via Adaptive Terrain Systems.

It’s about completing the cycle of life.

Soilutions.  It’s about the soil.


What’s New

20150101-iesnews-year_of_soil-logoThe 68th UN General Assembly declared 2015 the International Year of Soils (IYS)!  This is an unprecedented opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of soils in supporting agriculture, health, biodiversity, and clean air and water  For a wonderful bundle of educational resources on soils, check out the Soil Science Society of America.



iheartsoil-sticker-englishSoilutions would like you to share  why you think soils are important by entering our We Love Soil” Art Contest.  Check out our guidelines.  See our gallery!






PNM Power Up Grant_TijerasA PNM Power Up Grant to the Environmental Education Association of New Mexico (EEANM) supports the Tijeras Creek Rehabilitation Project, where Tijeras Creek flows through the Village of Tijeras, NM.  Project manager James M. Brooks, the founder and president of Soilutions, Inc. and Adaptive Terrain Systems, welcomes partners Querencia Green and the EEANM during the year-long project.




What's New_1Owner, Jim Brooks, discusses composting with Landscaping TV.