Soil & Garden Tips

  • 5 Fall Gardening Must-Dos

    Fall is an exciting time in the garden.  The weather is cooling off and it’s a great time to get back into your outdoor space.  There is an opportunity to enjoy your garden, as well as prepare it for winter to ensure a beautiful spring! 
  • Priming, Prepping, and Maintaining Your New Soil

       “A poor farmer grows weeds, a mediocre farmer grows crops, and a good farmer grows soil.” – Unknown, maybe Japanese Proverb.   Think of soil bu...
  • Preparing for Winter: High Desert Tips for the Passive Season

    The high desert summers can feel never-ending so by the time mid-September rolls around most new gardeners are feeling the burnout of a long season...
  • Interview With Everest Cannabis Company

    Check out our interview with Everest Cannabis Company , and while you are there take a minute to read about Everest...
  • Raised Bed Soil Care Tips: Water & the High Desert

    If you’ve spent any time in a high-altitude desert like New Mexico, you know that you need to drink water more frequently than you would in a more humid environment to stay hydrated.  So does your soil!
  • Living Soil Care: The First Steps to a New Garden

    So you just had a large pile of fresh Soilutions compost or soil delivered to your driveway, now what?  After you bask in the amazing aroma of the ...
  • Don't Forget the Mulch!

    Organic mulches are never just ornamental; they reduce evaporation from the soil surface while moderating the soil temperature in summer and winter. 
  • Compost: The Foundation of Healthy, Living Soil

    Compost is alive and filled with beneficial nutrients and microorganisms. It is the soil that feeds the plants, and it is the compost that feeds the soil.