Construction and Demolition Recycling

Guidelines for Recycling Wood Waste

Acceptable Materials ($10/yd)C_D

Dimensional lumber

OSB, particle board


Engineered Lumber


Clean cement forms

Unacceptable Materials

Contaminants in construction wood waste must be removed by waste generator before recycling.  Please call Soilutions at 877-0220 with any questions.

NO  Plastic, metal, glass, rock

NO  Plastic sheeting, plastic banding straps, plastic pallet wrap

NO  Painted wood, tar paper, fiberglass insulation, asphalt shingles, Trex-style composite decking

NO  Plastic bags

NO  Packing materials such as foam board, foam peanuts, blown insulation (cardboard free of tape is acceptable)

NO  Metal fasteners larger than ¼” in diameter such as lags, bolts, spikes, (nails are acceptable)

NO  Rebar of any dimension

NO  Metal reinforcements such as corner braces, cross braces, skids, spool bolts

NO  Metal banding straps, metal foil

NO  General trash: soda cans, water bottles, clean room trash, glass, rock, concrete, lunch containers, Styrofoam cups


Our contamination policy is as follows:

1st occurrence-  Soiluitons will photograph the contamination and notify by phone the client of the issues

2nd occurrence-  Soilutions will notify by phone the client who will send a crew out to clean it to Soilutions’ satisfaction within 24 hours

3rd and subsequent occurrences-  Soilutions will notify the client by phone.  The client will send a crew out to clean it to Soilutions’ satisfaction within 24 hours and we bill an extra $300 contamination fee

Soilutions reserves the right to refuse loads at any time.