Organics Recycling


Soilutions Organics Recycling Facility diverts organic material from the waste stream, and recycles it into compost and other recycled products that amend the soil and enhance plant growth.  When you recycle organic materials, you extend the life of municipal landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save tax money, reclaim a valuable resource and replenish the soil.  Organic recycling is an environmentally responsible alternative to landfills.  By building a relationship with local municipalities, research facilities, landscapers, nurseries and growers, we divert over 32,000 cubic yards from the landfills each year.

Our tipping fee is $6.00 per cubic yard, which is about one medium sized pickup truck load.  We accept horse manure and stable bedding at no charge.  The following are materials we accept and do not accept.

We Accept

Trees (12″ diameter or less)
Shrubs, Prunings
Grass Clippings
Weeds, Cactus, Yucca
Christmas Trees (decorations removed)
Sawdust, Woodchips
Shredded Paper
Spoiled grain, hay & straw
Crop residuals
Spoiled food
Restaurant, grocery & institutional food
Commercial food processing residuals
Natural cloth & fibers (no synthetics)
Sod & Soil
Waxed/Soiled Cardboard
Stable Bedding*
Manure* (excluding dog, cat, pig & human)

*These materials can be received FREE of charge.

We DO NOT Accept

Metal, Glass, Plastic
Rock, Concrete
Chemicals, Lubricants, Motor Oil
Fiberglass, Ceramics, Bricks
Grease, Fat, Oils
Dog, Cat, Pig or Human Feces
Rubber Bands

We cannot accept material that would contaminate recycled products or damage processing equipment. If we have to reject material, we will help you find alternate recycling or disposal options.