Acceptable Materials for Composting

Food Waste Management

Acceptable Materials for Composting

The following are typical food waste materials we accept and do not accept. We cannot accept material that would contaminate our compost or mulches, or that would damage processing equipment. Loads must be free of plastic, glass, metal, rock, etc. If we have to reject material, we will help you find alternate recycling or disposal options.  Contact us to get a poster of acceptable materials for composting to post in your facility.

We Accept We Do Not Accept
Fruits & Peels Metal
Vegetables Glass
Meat Plastic
Fish Packing Tape
Dairy Chemicals
Shells Styrofoam peanuts
Bones Diapers
Bread & Grains Rubber Bands
Coffee Grounds & Filters
Tea Bags
Cut Flowers
Paper Bags
Paper Towels
Paper Napkins
Soiled Cardboard
Waxed Cardboard
Certified Compostable Service Items
Natural Cloth & Fibers

Look for this logo, when purchasing compostable service items.


Compostable carry-out food serviceware is becoming increasingly available in the marketplace.  When purchasing compostable food serviceware check for the Biodegrdable Products Institute, or BPI logo certifying its compostability or make sure it complies with ASTM D6400/D6868 standards.  Remember that the words “biodegradable”,  “recyclable”, and “bioplastic” do not necessarily indicate that a product is compostable!  To learn more about compostable plastics check out the US Composting Council’s Compostable Plastic Task Force.

If you need help training your staff on how to properly sort materials for our compost carts, please contact us to schedule a visit to your business.  You can also use the following presentation in staff trainings: