About Mulch

About Mulch

What are organic mulches?forestfloor_f4zm

Organic mulches are usually made from woody materials such as trees and brush. They come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and particle sizes to fit most applications, including yards, paths, driveways, and slopes. Mulching is a way to participate in a process that nature has used since time began. Organic mulches slowly decompose into compost, which then amends the soil. Mulches in moist conditions decompose faster than mulches that stay dry. Most organic mulches are a renewable resource, made from either recycled material or from the by-products of manufacturing.

How to apply organic mulches

Apply 3-5″ thick on the soil surface; thicker for better weed suppression. Weed barrier fabric is optional except when covering heavily weeded areas or existing lawns. Avoid applying in contact with tree trunks or stems of existing plants. After several years, it may be necessary to top-dress the area with 1-2″ of fresh material.

Benefits of organic mulches

Organic mulches reduce evaporation from the soil surface while moderating the soil temperature in summer and winter. They trap blowing sand and dust. They stabilize slopes, berms, disturbed soil and bare soil, thus reducing wind and water erosion. Organic mulches suppress weed growth. As they decompose, they recycle plant nutrients and amend the soil. This in turn provides a habitat for beneficial soil organisms.

Soilutions Offers a Variety of Organic Mulches

Forest Floor Mulch is a dark mulch made from chipped woody material and compost. You amend the soil and mulch the surface in one step. It reduces evaporation from the soil and sets up the microbial environment necessary to provide a slow release of nutrients. It is excellent around established plantings because you don’t disturb roots. Particle size ranges from 1″ to fines.
Wood Mulch is a decorative chipped pine wood. Its light blond color makes an attractive contrast to darker materials. Particle size ranges from 2″ pieces to fines. Excellent path or playground material.
Pecan Shell Mulch. They used to take this stuff to the dump! Now it’s the hottest thing since crusher fines. The 1″ red pieces darken with age. They are light and less stable in the wind so it’s best to tamp them after installation or shelter them with walls or plants.
Native Mulch is a coarsely ground woody material. Its large particle size (6″+) makes it excellently suitable for slopes, windy corners and driveways. It has been composted to kill seeds. Light brown and rustic.