Bulk Compost Products – Prices and Descriptions

Anyone is welcome to come down to our yard to purchase bulk products.  If you bring a pickup truck or a trailer, we’ll get you loaded with our tractor.  If you don’t have a pickup truck, can’t borrow one, and don’t want to rent one, you can always shovel as much as you desire into your car or SUV.

Soils and Soil Amendments

Custom blends are available on request – 3 cubic yard minimum.  Please call for pricing.

 nm compost New Mexico Compost
A compost made by select sources and ready to mix into vegetable gardens.  A great source of organic matter, which provides a slow release of nutrients, improves soil structure, and increases moisture retention in the soil.
$40/cu yd
  Sod and Shrub Compost
The same compost we’ve been making for years, but with a greater diversity of inputs.  Great for landscapes, orchards, lawns, or a budding medicinal business.  Screened to 1/2″.
$40/cu yd
 prem comp Premium Compost – Check For Availability
Soilutions’ flagship soil amendment, known and loved by local growers for 20 years. Made by Soilutions from green waste, manures (no human manure), and other select feedstocks and composted for a minimum of 12 months. Screened to 1/2”.
$48/cu yd
One cubic foot bags $10.50
Topsoil Blend
New Mexico’s favorite soil for raised planter beds. Use when little or no onsite soil is available for amending. A mixture of native sandy loam and Premium Compost.
$52/cu yd
EPM Enriched Planting Mix
Our topsoil blend with twice the organics for a growing medium with improved structure and porosity.
$60/cu yd
 PS1 Potting Soil #1 – PS1
A well-drained potting soil, designed for working with native and native-adapted plants.  Red cinder (3/8”-), pumice (5/16″), pecan shells, and compost.
$60/cu yd
 PS3 Potting Soil #3 – PS3, aka “No Float”  
A well-drained potting soil good for small container gardening.  Also a smart choice for creating “sponges”.  Pumice (5/16”), sand, composted woody materials (1”-), and  compost.
$60/cu yd


Use mulch to retain moisture, prevent weed seed germination, and feed the soil ecosystem.  Soilutions recommends applying mulch at a 3″ minimum depth for maximum benefits.  Mulches made from recycled ingredients will have contaminants.  While Soilutions goes to great effort to eliminate these small pieces of plastic and metal from our product, it is impossible to do so completely.  If this is a concern to you, we offer products made from virgin materials.

Screened Mulch
An economical choice for covering large areas. Chocolate brown color for a fecund appearance. Made with recycled woody materials, sized to 1”. Check for availability.
$5 /cu yd
Forest Floor Mulch
Our favorite for mulching trees and planting beds – immediately sets up the microbial environment necessary to provide a slow release of nutrients. A blend of composted and woody materials, chocolate brown color. 2” to fines.
$37 /cu yd
Native Mulch
The best for slope stabilization and areas where a natural look is desired. Long lasting, excellent for high traffic areas, and stable on windy sites. Composted to kill weed seeds. Coarsely ground woody materials 6” strips to fines.
$37 /cu yd
Wood Mulch
Tidy looking blonde colored mulch, chipped flat for a nice walking surface. 2” to 1/4”.
$37 /cu yd
Black and Tan
Can’t decide between screened mulch and wood mulch?  Get a blend of both!  Sized 1″-2″.
$40 /cu yd
Playground Mulch
PlaySoft brand, IPEMA certified to conform to ASTM standard specification for engineered wood fiber. Soft material, great for playgrounds and dog runs. 3/4” to fines.
$41 /cu yd
Pecan Shell Mulch
Red pecan shell pieces, direct from southern New Mexico. A beautiful, sustainable alternative to gravel. Looks great in xeriscape design. 1” to fines.
$51 /cu yd

Also Available from Soilutions

Compost Worms
They turn organic matter into a rich soil amendment. 100+ worms, in bedding.
Worm Colony
Approx. 1 lb. of compost worms plus cocoons, castings, and bedding. 1 cubic foot bag.
Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhof
How to set up/maintain home worm composting systems. 100 pages
Skidger Skidger                                                                                       Your best friend in weeding.  The Skidger is a well-designed, durably built gardening tool with a pointed steel blade sharpened on front and back to maximize your efforts.  Think of it as a hoe, or a hula hoe on steroids. $24.99
Soilutions t shirts Soilutions T-shirts 
Join the Soilution!  Our t-shirts are printed on a soft cotton blend – stylish and smart.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices listed on this website are for general use purposes only and may be different than actual prices. Please call us for:

  • Current prices and exact quotes on any materials
  • Delivery charges to your area for bulk products (3 cu yd minimum).
  • Availability & pricing on one-cubic-foot bags of compost products.
  • Gift certificates – any amount, in products or dollars.