Testimonials from Soilutions Customers

We like to think that we have the best customers a small business can ask for, and we hear some pretty nice things from them.  Here’s a few memorable ones from our compost and mulch customers.

“I was born on a farm and have been a farmer all my life … this topsoil smells like it can grow stuff.  All you need is water.”

“No finer compost, that I know of, between Anchorage and Albuquerque”

“It works…wonders”

“You’re living the dream, huh?  Making dirt.”

“Your stuff is way better than [that other stuff I picked up].”

“I really like what you guys are doing.  I really want to support you.  Can I get a discount?”

“I like to think I can grow anything in your dirt [sic]”

…and in the interest of transparency!

Customer:  “Forest Floor?!  That looks more like my garage floor!”                                                                                                           Walter:  “Have you seen the forest lately?”