Soilutions in the Community

Soilutions in the Community

We Love Soils Art Contest

For making us laugh out loud at 8:00 in the morning, for liberal use of the poop emoji, for demonstration of great effort on the part of a teacher to share knowledge of the soil with her students, for great artistic skills demonstrated by all students, for giving us the joy of seeing children pay as much attention in their drawings to what is under the surface of the Earth as to what is above it, for demonstrating a broad appreciation for the many services that soil provides, and for excellent use of art for telling a story, thank you Mountain Mahogany for an outstanding submission of artwork (24 drawings in total!) showing us why they love soil!

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Workshops and Classes

Sandoval SWCDThis Fall, 2015, Jim Brooks will join others in teaching how to apply permaculture methods to a 2-acre demonstration site to halt erosion and re-establish  native flora. Volunteers will be trained in permaculture methods, take part in work parties, and help monitor the site’s progress. This pilot project is partially funded by a grant from the NM Soil and Water Conservation Commission, and is a partnership with Coronado Soil and Water Conservation District and City of Albuquerque Open Space.


Past Events:

2/13/2016          Symphony of the soils screening and discussion

10/29/2015          Symphony of the soils screening and discussion

10/27/2015          Tijeras Creek Work Party

10/11/2015        soilutions at hubbell house local food festival and field day

10/4/2015          Symphony of the soils screening and discussion at Open Space

9/13/2015          Tijeras Creek Remediation Workshop

8/23/2015          Composting Workshop

8/1/2015            Cistern Installation Workshop

2/14/2015          Tree thinning workshop

2/20/2015          New Mexico Organic Farming Conference

11/15/2014          tijeras creek Project Education and Workday

10/23/2014          tijeras creek volunteer day

10/10/2014      Beyond the Curb cut: Harnessing the Power of Stormwater to Sustain Life in the Desert

6/28/2014       invasive species workshop

5/9/2014         Drought gardening workshoP

4/12/2014       wATER eTHIC workshop

4/4/2014          Erosion Control workshop

3/12/2014        Erosion Control for the homeowner



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